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Literature Circles

December 2012

Literature Circles_December 2012.pdf

12/17 QuestionoftheDay12_17.pdf




Spelling - Four (4) different groups

  • Link to VocabularySpellingCity

for games & practice:  https://www.spellingcity.com/lisacass/ 

Spelling Week 7

Group A has homework:  Week 7 Group A homework.pdf

Spelling Week 6 

Group C has homework: Week 6 Group C homework.pdf

Spelling Week 5

week 5 spelling.pdf

Spelling WEEK 4:

 Spelling #4 week of 1_7_13.pdf

  • Group B has homework:

                 week 4 Group B homework.pdf

Spelling WEEK 3:

week 12_10 spelling.pdf

Spelling WEEK 2:

week of 12_3.pdf 

Spelling WEEK 1:

Spelling Lists 11_26.pdf


Grammar, Usage & Mechanics

(GUMS) Work 


Packet #3

grammar packet 3.pdf

given out 2/01/13 - DUE 2/8/13


Packet #2

grammar packet 2.pdf

(given out 1/7/13 - DUE 1/15/13)


Packet # 1 Grammar Packet 1.pdf

(given out 11/14 - DUE 11/19)





Response to Literary Text Unit

RTL format_Nothing But the Truth by Avi - Google Drive.pdf

RTL rubric from template - Google Drive.pdf


RTL visual organizer.pdf



Vocabulary - Trimester 1

Vocabulary card_example_five elements.pdf


Vocab List week of 9:10.pdf

Vocab List week of 9:24001.pdf

week of 9_24 vocab list.pdf

10_1_12 Vocab words with game.pdf

week of 10_29 vocabulary.pdf

Short Story Unit 

short story_guide and rubric.pdf

Peer Review for short story - Google Docs.pdf

Microsoft Word - Short Story Brainstorms.pdf

Turn and talk_your character interviewed.webarchive

Notes on characterization.pdf

notes on plot and conflict.pdf

Due 9/19 Major Character Traits organizer.pdf

Due 9/20seven step story frame.pdf

Due 9/20 short story plot mountain.pdf

9/21 in class activity 9_21 in class.pdf





  • Here is a link to take you to the MSMS Literacy Objectives for 7th grade:  



  • Here is a link to take you to the MSMS Literacy Objectives for 8th grade:  




  • Here is a link for this year's syllabus and reading expectations:  

Team Sirius Language Arts syllabus.doc  

MSMS Literacy Objectives_Reading logs.doc





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